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How do I take a good screenshot? technews04

Computers and laptops have become very important in everyday life nowadays, as if there is no work without it, now many times we make some projects or do some work that allows us to do things working in the computer. Screen shot of (screenshot) is needed, that is, whatever we are working on, we need it as a photo, now many people do not know how to take screen shots in a computer or laptop. How to Take screen shot in computer and laptop (How to take screenshot in windows computer tutorial in hindi) How to take screenshot in Windows computer tutorial in Hindi how the screen photo is taken in computer and laptop, so in today’s article we will give you We will tell you 3 ways through which you can take screen shots in any computer or laptop and use it for your work.

What is the shortcut key for screenshot?

Taking a Screen Shot (Screenshot) Shortcut key is the first way to take a screen shot in any PC or computer system by using a shortcut key. Press the shortcut key (Window + Prt sc) in the computer. You can take a screen shot as soon as you press the prt sc button after the window, the screen shot will be saved in your PC, after this the screen shot is saved but to check it follow the steps given below.

How do I take a good screenshot?

  1. Taking screenshot is another easy and best way to take screen shot in your computer by using a sripping tool. Sipping tool is if you have Windows 7, Window 8 or Window 10 installed in your computer, then you have Snipping tool in all these operating systems. It will be preinstalled, it is the inbuilt software of Windows OS. The specialty of this software is that you can take a screen shot of the selected items, follow the steps given below to take a screen shot with the Stepping Tool.
    Steps for screen shot from shortcut key

    1. Press window + prt sc button for screen shot
    2. Open My Computer
    3. Now click on pictures
    4. Now open screen shot folder

What are shortcut key in screenshot windows

Take a Screen Shot The third way to take a screen shot in a computer or laptop with the help of Prtsc and Paint is prt sc’s and MS Paint’s help then you prtsc You have to copy the screen by pressing the button, after that you have to paste it into the paint and save the image, in this way you can take a screen shot. Follow these steps to take a screen shot from Prtsc

1. Follow the screen Go into the keyboard by pressing prt sc button

2. Now open paint and paste it by ctrl + v

3. Now save the image by clicking on file
So these are the three ways by which you can take screenshots in your computer or laptop system.

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