Launched Mobile Action Game ‘FAU-G’ game download

Akshay Kumar Finally Launched Mobile Action Game ‘FAU-G’ game download. The most unplanned mobile action game Fearless and United Guards (FAU-G) has launched on the occasion of 72nd Republic Day. Giving information about this, Akshay Kumar wrote on social media, “Face the enemies. Fight for your country.” Protect Your Flag India’s much-awaited action game, Fearless and United Guard: FAU-G will take you to the frontline and beyond. Start your mission today. “

First episode based on Galvan Valley

Akshay has also shared a trailer of the game. Its first episode is based on a skirmish in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh. Further episodes will also be based on the backdrop of the Indian war. The FAU-G is produced by Bengaluru-based Encore Games, The owner of which is Dayanidhi MG. The COO of this company is Ganesh Hande.

More than 50 lakhs registered on play store

According to reports, over 50 lakh registrations of FAU-G have been done on the Google Play Store. 10 lakh of these were done in just 24 hours during pre-launching. In a conversation, Encore Games CEO Vishal Gondal said, “FAU-G is trying to show how Indian soldiers live and how they fight for us on the border.”

How much was the pub-business

Pub-G had around 600 million downloads and 50 million active players worldwide, including millions of youth from India. In the first half of last year, the game had a turnover of around 9371 crores worldwide. While its lifetime collection was 22, 457 crores. It was the most downloaded game in India before being banned in September 2020. It was founded by around 175 million people. FAU-G is seen as a replacement for Pub-G.

FAUG rating decreased from 3.2 on the Google Play store to 4.7

FAU-G was launched by Indian game developer nCore gaming on 26 January. But after some time, its rating on the Google Play Store started coming down. Since it is currently only available on the Google Play Store, only data exists here. The game has a rating of 3.2 on the Play Store until the news is written. Let us tell you that this rating was earlier 4.7, but now it has come down to 3.2. But what is the reason for this?

In fact, FAUG PUBG is facing the wrath of mobile players. PUBG mobile players are giving a fairly negative rating to the FAU-G game. Due to which its rating has come down from 4.7 to 3.2 stars.

Many players have complained on the Google Play Store that the game is not like PUBG Mobile. Since PUBG Mobile is banned in India and users had similar expectations from this game as PUBG Mobile, but the game did not meet their expectations.

Writing about the game, one user, Navjit Aggarwal, has said that it was being said about FAU-G that it would be like PUBG Mobile. But she is not like him at all. It has many flaws. It does not have a gun. Only hand-to-hand fighting can be done. It uses 0 efficient. The game does not seem to have been fully made yet. It should not have been launched so soon.

At the same time, many users have compiled that the game is quite sluggish. Basic controls such as jumping and sitting are also not given. It only involves tap-tap and play on a single line. Which is quite boring.

In FAU-G, only campaign mode is given. Due to which, many users are looking very angry. FAU-G is built by Bangalore-based nCore Games Developers. After PUBG Mobile was banned in India, the game was announced. The game was started on 26 January.

Within 24 hours of launch, 50 lakh people had downloaded it. At that time it was given a 4.7 star rating. Now its rating has come down to 3.2 stars. The interesting thing is that this game is given either 1 star or 5 stars

On the Play Store, it’s been a long time for the app’s ratings to drop. Earlier, Tittock also faced the anger of the users. After which his rating was reduced. Later TickTock fixed it with the help of Google. Now that the FAU-G game’s ratings have also fallen abruptly, it is believed that there will be some help from Google.

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