Bollywood Films That Were Based On The Flaws Of The Education System

Some of them also showcased the flaws of an Indian education system and how deteriorated it is in India. So let’s know about those films and know how those films showed the reality to us. Many films have released in these past years that were very unique and showed the real-life problems of an individual. This film showed how we waste talent and creativity and focus only on marks, it also showed how we judge every student based on their scorecard. This movie proved a very important point that is very useful to everyone and that is we should always aim to work hard and not aim to gather success because if we work hard then surely we’ll succeed.

This movie showed that we should not discriminate between the students and also how a teacher should work to embrace a student’s talent. This film focused on how the education system works and how people misuse the right to ensure the education of a poor child. This film also showed that how parents suffer to make sure that their child studies in a big reputed English medium school. This movie was also a bit different from other education-based movies and showed how teachers are treated in an unjustified manner in a school and focused on how they should actually treat students and teachers in a school. This movie portrayed a very beautiful story on how a mother joins her daughter’s school to motivate her child in her studies and help her understand the importance of education in one’s life.


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