How severe the illness of corona virus disease can be?

How severe the illness of corona virus disease can be.
If I tell you that this Corona virus is not dangerous, then you will not agree, but this is the truth. Yes, the lock down caused by Corona proved to be very dangerous. This has been done under a huge conspiracy. About which I will give detailed information in some other answer. First here i answer your question.

How severe the illness of corona virus disease can be?

Tell these ten things to everyone …..

Do not wear a mask. This will increase the chances of getting asthma. Always wearing a mask is against the law of nature. If you are going to the area of ​​dust, dirt, coal, then you can use it. COVID-19 has nothing to do with the mask.

Do not get COVID-19 tested. If you get it done by mistake, then there is no reason to panic.

If someone’s test has come positive, do not forget to keep it in any Kovid-ward or in Isolation. There is so much inconvenience that a healthy man will become more ill. Those who already have some disease and have been told to be COVID-19 positive, then get them treated earlier.

Let all your acquaintances tell the relative that COVID-19 is nothing more than a cold, cold, common flu and it has been a part of our life for years. There is nothing to fear from this.

Fraud is being played by Game Testing Kitty and Testing Reliance.

When someone says how many people are coming positive? So explain to them that all this is happening through the game testing kit and testing lab.

If he does not believe this, then get him tested in two different labs. If you do this, it will have positive results and negative results in one place. It has every possibility.

Who is most at risk for a severe curse of the corona virus disease?

When someone asks how many people are dying then? So tell them that 99 percent of the people who died were suffering from different diseases. 90 percent are over 60 years old.

If someone says that not even young people have died. So tell them that the young people who died were also suffering from some disease. If you are not convinced, then convince them that in treating every disease, doctors treat themselves with their brains, but treatment has to be done on the basis of guidelines in COVID-19. In which patients are given hydroxychloroquine malaria medication. This drug increases the risk of heart attack. Many patients died of heart attack in the name of COVID-19.

If they still do not agree, explain to them that if patients are cured with hydroxychloroquine, what vaccine is needed? If not cured by hydroxychloroquine, why was this guideline issued to feed the COVID-19 patient?

If they still do not believe then explain to them that each person’s body is different. The need also varies. So in any disease, the doctor will treat with his understanding, it will be better. But here the government has given directions to doctors that you should treat COVID-19 patient according to the guidelines written on paper.

How to escape from the corona virus conspiracy

It is important to tell this to every man to eliminate fear and avoid conspiracy.

Many people did not get out, yet Corona got infected, why?

Consider a joke story before answering this question.

In a well-known hospital, a team of doctors advised a corona patient to have a ventilator immediately.

The patient became nervous but immediately got ready. After the first test of the ventilator, the doctor’s team told him that the budget was too much for the patient.

But if he is alive, thinking about this, he has to fill the form.

…. in front of the business column he wrote CBI Officer.

Suddenly the hospital’s environment changed. Another team of doctors came to do the test.

Rechecking happened and the team declared that no ventilator was needed. Keep eating medicine, Corona will come out automatically.

Patient was working in Central bank of India as administrator officer …CBI..Officer

It is important to tell this to every man to eliminate fear and avoid conspiracy.

IME Number se Mobile Kaise Pata Kare, CEIR

The number of posts I have written so far will make a page book. But I will write here because things have to be spread to more people. You are responsible for sharing.

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