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how to make bootable pen-drive using cmd

how to create bootable pen-drive cmd hello friends how are you? Today I have a special new one for you again. How to use cmd to make pendrive bootable.

The computer must have formatted the computer. You must have heard the name of bootable pen drive. The computer does not have a CD/DVD writer, or is not logged in.

In this case the pen drive should be bootable. So that we can format our computer. So let’s go ahead and find out.

How to Create a Bootable Pen-drive using cmd

pendrive bootable means a pendrive with which we can format our computer. And can install a new operating system. So in today’s blog we will know how to make through bootable pen-drive cmd (command) .

By the way, there are many such software through which the pen drive can be booted. If for some reason you do not have that software, then you will still be able to do your work by booting the pen drive.

How to create bootable pen-drive using cmd.

To create pendrive bootable by comment, follow the steps:-

  1. First of all, put the pen drive in the computer.
  2. Now open the RUN command by pressing Window + R button from your keyboard. Now type cmd in it and press enter. which will open the command prompt window.
  3. Type diskpart and enter it. Which will open a new command line window.
  4. Type list disk. As you type list disk, a list of all the drives on the computer such as hard disk and pen drive will appear. This list will come as Disk 0 or Disk 1. From this, you will select your pen drive by looking at the space of your pen drive.
  5. Now if disk 1 is for pen drive then after that we have to type select disk 1 and press enter. Now Disk 1 will be selected.
  6. After that type clean and enter.
  7. After that enter by typing create partition primary.
  8. Now type select partition 1 and enter.
  9. If we want to format, then for that we have to enter the format by typing fs=ntfs quick.

bootable pen-drive using cmd

Our pen drive has become bootable but to activate it, type active and enter the last command. After that you have to exit the command prompt by typing exit.

Now copy the setup file of whatever OS we have in our pen drive. By which your pen drive will be bootable for that OS and you will be able to format your computer.

So in this way we can boot our pen drive even without third party bootable software. In which command prompt is used.

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