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how to start content writing from home 2021

Do you like to write from home? Do you love to write? So you can fulfill your grief, content writing is called a writer because writing is not easy, the writer gets swept away in the ocean of emotions. When the writer starts writing, he prepares that atmosphere on his topic. In the same way, if you start writing, then research your topic. Try writing something different. Before you write, make a scene and put that scene in your own words. There is a special quality hidden in you, which you are delaying in getting out. You can fulfill the sorrow of your writing with blog, video, if you can write well, then you can make your career, you can generate your income from home. But you don’t need a bone when you have an idea to write, then write. Content writing is fun in its own world. Let us see in this post what has to be done to write good content, if you do not have any kind of experience, then it does not matter, you can do it easily. You can learn it easily. This era is the age of internet, you can start today with the help of videos and blogs. You can make your career in the world of writing. You can do a good job and in freelancer also you can earn more income than job. If you are a student then by taking some time you can start writing freelancer. If you do a job then you can start content writing by taking some time out.

You have to follow some steps which are given in this blog:-

choose a niche for your blog

You want to start content writing and you ask to earn income by working online but you do not understand where to start. You choose your niche. Whose related you can write well, see your interest, what is going on in your mind. You see your niche, what are you more interested in. You know your passion. Know your interest in which you can save your time from wasting. When you become expert in writing, then you can write on different popularity. But wearing it, you have to write according to your interest. Let’s see if you can identify your interest-

Evaluate your passion and grief

It will be a little difficult for you to recognize it but we give you some tips. Like:- What are you doing for the last four years, you must have had some common in those days. Where to get more time, you must have expressed it, you must have been finding it interesting for four-five years. You choose some place from it. And start writing, then you feel that I cannot write on it, then look at what you have been doing for the last several years, change your place and write something new again. Could this be what you like to do in your spare time? This could be a great idea for your niche. Identify your experience in which field you are interested in. What do people tell you regularly, what skills do you have, who tell you good, like you for that skill. What is your education? By which you have developed your own special knowledge. Find an area that you know very well. This is the best place to identify your niche. Go back to your past days, look at your favorite and identify the one you know well.

Find your niche in the market for Content Writing

Being in a particular place is not your niche. Rather, open it thoroughly in which you grieve. Make sure you need it or else it will remain a scourge in which you can never do business. You can take the help of keyword planner to search the market which is absolutely free. You can search your keyword, how useful it is in the market. It provides you the data of the month and especially that it will show you keywords similar to yours. You can see a path from the keyword. Can’t depend too much.

Post your niche on a different site

To generate more of your niche, you have to go to some site like fb, inta, reedit, Quora etc. to land your niche. Here you have to join some gurus. Here you have to search your niche. In which you have to see that there is no appeal to your niche, if it is appealing, then put your idea in a few words, along with it, go to the page and group and research how regularly your niche is brought . Also, see which questions are coming up more. Together you can research your keyword on google trend. It reports you the ups and downs with the help of easy graphs. From here you can get backlink for your website.

see the competition for yourself

It will be important for you to research how much traffic your competition has. You can take the help of google to see your competition. On this you have to search your niche in google and the first three results are being shown to you. You can take some ideas from the three results that you see. After doing all this now proceed :-

How to do Keyword Research for Content Writing

This is such an important process that we have to find out which keywords people are searching more? What is the search volume of that keyword? What is the competition on that keyword?
Keyword research increases your chances of ranking on that keyword. If you do keyword research before writing the post, then you can get a good position in Google search results and your blog will be able to get a lot of traffic from the search engine easily. There are many free tools in doing keyword research, but google keyword tool is free for life time, here you can easily understand the fluctuations of keywords. Now you should also know that how many types of keywords are there, only then you can start content writing from home.

  • Head keywords – These are single words like Home, Content, Digital, SEO, (eg name of a village or name of a city) etc. These types of keywords have a lot of searches. Competition is also very high on these, such keywords do not give good results. These keywords do not come in the reckoning.
  • Body Keywords – These are made up of two words like home content, digital marketing, freelance writers, social media etc. Their search is also high and the competition is medium. These keywords can be inserted to some extent in your content.
  • Long Tail Keywords – This type of keyword includes 2 or more than 3 words like content writing from home, how to start content writing from home. This is the most keyword. And help in getting targeted traffic to your site. Their search volume is very less and the competition is also not high. continues…….

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