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most popular Netflix series of all time

Netflix series of all time

Netflix series International Wanted Notice finalized its rating as a result of the service’s most watched flick however, in line with the most recent replace to Netflix’s rankings, Tuesday. The action-comedy with 3 massive stars — Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Sir Joshua Reynolds — has rounded properly on top of Chook Field’s whole type of hours streamed once that adventure story was launched once more in 2018.

Red Notice has racked up 364 million hours of streaming in its initial twenty eight days of launch, in line with Netflix’s newest data. Chook Field, that is currently Netflix’s No. a pair of most watched film globally, reticulate twenty eight2 million hours throughout its initial 28 days of launch, that is that the usual amount of your time used in Netflix’s uncomparable rating.

On the TV side, the final word episodes of cash Heist — the Spanish-language heist assortment additionally named as La Casa DE Papel — ar dominating the worldwide TV rankings on Netflix all over again on.

The flood of viewership ostensibly gained’t transfer the final word season of money Heist any further up Netflix’s uncomparable recognition chart, thanks to a fluke in however money Heist was launched and therefore the means Netflix tabulates its uncomparable rankings. money Heist’s final ten episodes, referred to as 0.5 five, had been launched in separate halves: the first five episodes born Sept. 3, and therefore the final five episodes born Dec. 3. but Netflix series counts viewership for its uncomparable lists alone inside the primary twenty eight days of launch, and money Heist 0.5 five technically accomplished its initial twenty eight days of launch in early Oct. therefore all of the hours viewers ar binge-watching the final word five episodes currently aren’t conducive to the season’s uncomparable recognition rating.

However create no mistake, money Heist is being swamped with viewers. Netflix series reportable 338 million hours watched of 0.5 five since its Dec. three launch by suggests that of Sunday, outpacing its recognition within the identical amount of your time once the first five episodes got back out.

Two completely different titles created their initial appearances inside the rankings for a number of of Netflix’s most-watched non-English programming. The second season of The Queen of Movement, a Colombian telenovela, and therefore the French comedy flick Spoiled Brats every created it on the uncomparable recognition charts. (Learn the whole rankings at a lower place for all of Netflix’s most watched exhibits and flicks.)

In time period, Netflix series launched an online website posting weekly charts of its most well liked shows and films, additionally to a world rating of uncomparable most watched titles. The charts ar up to this point every week and hierarchical by the general type of hours that subscribers spent observance them.

The rankings signify associate unexampled treasure of data concerning what’s common on Netflix, particularization the popular titles inside the ultimate week not alone globally however additionally for larger than ninety specific person nations. It’s, by far, basically the foremost transparency that Netflix series has ever adopted for its viewership. It’ll to boot assist subscribers such as you might need a larger grip on what’s hottest on the world’s largest subscription streaming service.

For years, Netflix was notoriously tight-lipped concerning its viewership. Beau Willison — creator of Home of enjoying cards, that place Netflix series distinctive programming on the map — as presently as declared the company wouldn’t even share viewership metrics with him.

However within the ultimate 2 years, Netflix has become way more open regarding the popularity of its exhibits and flicks to help it recruit experience and tend buzz. First, Netflix supplementary a top-trending rating to its service, therefore people will see the popular titles streaming on Netflix series of their nation on any given day. Then it to boot began publically sharing recognition stats needless to say titles, advertising the variability of accounts that watched 2 minutes of a particular title in its initial month of launch.

The corporate updates its weekly “Prime ten on Netflix” every Tuesday, based on hours seen from weekday to Sunday the sooner week for every distinctive and authorized titles. The rankings ar broken down into top-10 charts for movies in English, TV in English, movies in non-English languages and television in non-English languages. at the side of world charts, Netflix series can gift rankings for larger than ninety nations.

A rating of uncomparable most watched titles to boot lives on the positioning, particularisation exhibits that have basically the foremost viewing hours of their initial twenty eight days of launch. It’s to boot up to this point every Tuesday, on every occasion any packages create it into the charts within the course of the week previous — as Purple Discover did this point.
Netflix’s most watched movies
The next ar Netflix’s most watched films, based on Netflix’s personal news of whole hours seen inside the primary twenty eight days of each titles’ launch. Any changes from the sooner week ar in daring matter content.

Red Notice, associate motion film stellar Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Sir Joshua Reynolds — 364 million hours.
Bird Box, a postapocalyptic film stellar Sandra Bullock — 282 million hours.
Extraction, associate motion film stellar Chris Hemsworth– 231 million hours.
The Irelander, a interval Mafia epic directed by Martin Scorsese– 215 million hours.
The smooching Booth a pair of, a young adult rom-com sequel — 209 million hours.
6 Underground, a Michael Bay explosion-fest stellar Ryan Sir Joshua Reynolds — 205 million hours.
Spenser Confidential, associate action-comedy stellar Mark Wahlberg — 197 million hours.
Enola Holmes, a interval detective flick — a hundred ninety million hours.
Army of the Dead, a heist set in a very zombie apocalypse — 187 million hours.
The sect, associate action-thriller stellar Charlize Theron — 186 million hours.
Murder Mystery, a comedy stellar Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston — a hundred and seventy million hours.
Netflix looks to own by no suggests that launched a non-English-language flick that generated enough viewing hours to form it into associate general top-watched rating. but additional broadly speaking watched non-English language films on Netflix series have included:
Blood Red Sky, a German/British motion horror flick set throughout a craft hijacking — 111 million hours.
The Platform, a Spanish social comment wrapped in a very horror flick — 108 million hours.
Below Zero, a Spanish motion adventure story a number of gaolbreak from a jail transport automobile — seventy eight million hours.
Rogue City, a French motion adventure story concerning associate unorthodox workers of cops — sixty seven million hours.
The Forgotten Battle, a Dutch World Conflict II flick — sixty one million hours.
Lost Bullet, it’s sort of a fast & Livid film but French — fifty eight million hours.

Alive, a South Korean a number of gamer’s bid to survive the zombie apocalypse — fifty five million hours.

Space Sweepers, a South Korean space western with a weaponized child-android — fifty three million hours
The Last Mercenary, a French motion film stellar Jean-Claude Van Damme — fifty two million hours.
Spoiled Brats, a French comedy concerning rich siblings tricked into incomes their terribly own habitation — fifty two million hours.
Nonetheless, these earlier viewers stats prolonged cheesed off parts of the TV trade for being unproved , unsupported and disclosed with out tons answerability.

One massive grievance was Netflix’s obsolete yardstick for activity recognition. The 2-minute metric isn’t used by each different opponents, and it may truly amplify the popularity of a title that folk barely pattern. The 2-minute threshold suggests that some titles ar counted as being “watched” ahead of the viewer even arrives on the basic title sequence.

In October, Netflix series declared it’ll cast aside its contentious two-minute metric in favor of its new hours-watched commonplace — count what range of whole hours a gift or film was watched throughout its initial twenty eight days of launch. November’s launch of the current rankings internet site created smart thereon set up.

Netflix series to boot to boot introduced on EY — antecedently typically known as Max Ernst & Younger, one amongst several world’s largest accounting firms — as associate impartial third assemblage to vouch for the numbers. Netflix can publish EY’s report subsequent twelve months. (Netflix has to boot switched the a day Prime ten rows on its service itself to signifies the packages which could be being watched most based on whole hours seen, quite than the obsolete two-minute metric that was accustomed tabulate them ahead of.)

“Determining however greatest to live success in streaming is troublesome, and there’s no one smart metric,” Pablo Perez DE Rosso, Netflix’s president of content material technique, coming up with and analysis, aforementioned in a very journal post speech communication the rankings internet site. “Having regarded on the fully completely different decisions, we have a tendency to imagine engagement as measured by hours seen may be a powerful indicator of a title’s recognition, additionally to general member satisfaction, that is important for retention in subscription suppliers.”
Netflix’s most sampled exhibits, based on the sooner metric
The next ar Netflix’s most sampled TV assortment by type of accounts that have watched not but 2 minutes inside the primary twenty eight days of launch. Any figures that had been projections once Netflix introduced them ar known, and this rating consists of alone the exhibits that Netflix series has chosen to reveal. completely different Netflix titles even have increased enough sampling inside the primary month of launch to form it on this listing, but Netflix will cherry-pick that titles get viewership disclosures.

This listing isn’t being up to this point, since Netflix series has switched to news hours watched in Nov.

  • Squid Game (season 1), a Korean adventure story — 142 million accounts.
  • Bridgerton (season 1), a interval romance — eighty two million accounts.
  • Lupin (half 1), a French heist assortment — seventy six million accounts.
  • The Witcher (season 1), a fantasy assortment based on associate gift franchise of books and video video games — seventy six million accounts.
  • Maid, a restricted assortment a number of younger mama fleeing abuse — sixty seven million accounts projected.
  • La Casa DE Papel (half five, initial half), or money Heist, a Spanish-language heist adventure story assortment — sixty five million accounts.
  • Sex/Life (season 1), a racy drama a number of love triangle — sixty seven million accounts.
  • Stranger Things (season 3), a retro sci-fi assortment — sixty seven million accounts.
  • La Casa DE Papel (half 4), or money Heist, a Spanish-language heist adventure story assortment — sixty five million accounts.
  • Tiger King, a microorganism docuseries — sixty four million households.
  • The Queen’s Gambit, a restricted assortment a number of chess prodigy — sixty two million accounts.
  • Sweet Tooth (season 1), a group based on a DC comedian — sixty million accounts.
  • Emily in Paris (season 1), a comedy assortment — fifty eight million accounts.
  • Fate: The Winx heroic tale (season 1), a young adult drama concerning fairies — fifty seven million accounts.
  • Sex Education (season 3), a British immature dramedy gift — fifty five million accounts.
  • Shadow and Bone (season 1), a fantasy assortment — larger than fifty five million accounts.
  • Who Killed Sara? (season 1), a Mexican assortment a number of brother’s search for revenge — fifty five million accounts projected.
  • You (season 2), a psychological adventure story assortment — fifty four million accounts projected.
  • Lupin (half 2), a French heist assortment — fifty four million accounts.
  • Ginny & Georgia (season 1), a dramedy a number of younger mama and her kids in search of a up to date begin — fifty two million accounts.
  • Cobra Kai (seasons one and some of, launched on Netflix concurrently), a bring up assortment of The martial art kid — fifty million accounts.
  • Firefly Lane (season 1), a drama chronicling the friendly relationship of 2 women over an extended time — forty nine million accounts.
  • Ratched (season 1), a psychological adventure story assortment — forty eight million accounts.
  • Cobra Kai (season 3), a young adult motion assortment a number of band of anomaly martial artists — forty five million accounts.
  • Umbrella Academy (season 2), a superhero assortment — forty three million accounts.
  • Lucifer (season 5), a fantasy police-procedural assortment — thirty eight million accounts.
  • Barbarians (season 1), a German historic motion assortment — thirty seven million accounts.
  • Elite (season 4), a Spanish immature drama — thirty seven million accounts.
  • Who Killed Sara? (season 2), a Mexican crime adventure story — thirty four million accounts.
  • Love Is Blind (season 1), a entreaty competitors assortment — thirty million.
  • Too Hot to Handle (season 2), a entreaty gift — twenty nine million accounts calculable.
  • Selena: The Series (half 1), a Spanish-language gift regarding the notable singer — twenty five million accounts.
  • Selena: The Netflix series (half 1), a Spanish-language gift regarding the notable singer — twenty five million accounts.
  • Sweet Home (season 1), a Korean-language horror gift — twenty two million accounts.
  • The Crown (season 3), a historic drama assortment — twenty one million accounts.
  • The Sons of SAM (season 1), a true-crime docuseries — nineteen million accounts
  • Alice in border district (season 1), a Japanese-language sci-fi heroic tale assortment — eighteen million accounts.
  • The Circle (season 2), a social experiment existence program — fourteen million accounts calculable.
  • Netflix’s most sampled films, based on the sooner metric
  • The next area unit Netflix’s most sampled movies by the variability of accounts that have watched not but 2 minutes inside the primary twenty eight days of launch. Any figures that had been projections once Netflix introduced them area unit noted, and this rating consists of entirely the flicks that Netflix has chosen to reveal. completely different Netflix series even have accumulated adequate sampling inside the primary month of launch to create it on this list, but Netflix series cherry-pick that titles get viewership disclosures.
  • This list isn’t being up up to now, since Netflix has switched to news hours watched in Nov.

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  • Extraction, associate degree motion film major Chris Hemsworth — ninety nine million accounts.
  • Bird Box, a postapocalyptic film major Sandra Bullock — larger than eighty nine million accounts.
  • Spenser Confidential, associate degree action-comedy film major Mark Wahlberg — eighty five million accounts.
  • 6 Underground, a Michael Bay explosion-fest major Ryan Reynolds — eighty three million accounts.
  • The sect, associate degree action-thriller film — seventy eight million accounts.
  • Enola Holmes, a interval detective motion-picture show — seventy seven million accounts projected.
  • Project Power, a dark superhero film — seventy five million accounts.
  • Army of the Dead, a hybrid heist-zombie flick — seventy five million accounts.
  • Fatherhood, a dramedy motion-picture show major Kevin Hart — seventy four million accounts projected.
  • Murder Mystery, a comedy film major Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston — seventy three million accounts.
  • The time of day Sky, a sci-fi film directed and major Saint George Clooney — seventy two million accounts projected.
  • The Guilty, a criminal offense heroic tale major Jake Gyllenhaal — sixty nine million accounts projected.
  • Sweet Girl, associate degree motion heroic tale major Jason Momoa regarding husband avenging his spouse’s dying — sixty eight million accounts.
  • Holidate, a Christmas-themed rom-com film — sixty eight million accounts.
  • Sex/Life, a drama a number of racy love triangle — sixty seven million accounts.
  • Kissing Booth a pair of, a young person rom-com flick — sixty six million accounts.
  • Outside the Wire, a sci-fi film major Anthony Mackie as associate degree robot supersoldier — sixty six million accounts.
  • The Irish person, a interval epic regarding the Mafia, directed by film producer — sixty four million accounts.
  • Triple Frontier, associate degree motion/heist film major mountain Affleck — sixty three million accounts.
  • Yes Day, a unit motion-picture show regarding youngsters being in price — sixty two million accounts.
  • The Christmas Chronicles: half 2, a sequel Santa Claus journey film — sixty one million accounts.
  • Kissing Booth three, a young person rom-com flick — fifty nine million accounts.
  • The Wrong young lady, a romantic-comedy film major David Spade and Lauren Lapkus — fifty nine million accounts.
  • The Platform, a Spanish sci-fi horror film — fifty six million accounts.
  • I Care heaps, a heroic tale a number of sharper United Nations agency scammed a harmful man — fifty six million accounts.
  • He’s All That, a young person rom-com motion-picture show — fifty five million accounts.
  • Blood Red Sky, a German motion film a number of terrorist plane plot — fifty three million accounts.
  • We Can Be Heroes, the kids-of-superheroes motion motion-picture show — fifty three million accounts projected.
  • American Murder: The Family adjoining, a true-crime documentary motion-picture show — fifty two million accounts projected.
  • To All the Boys: continually and Forever, the final word motion-picture show in a very most popular adolescent rom-com triplet — fifty one million accounts.
  • The Perfect Date, a young person romantic-comedy film — forty eight million accounts.
  • Below Zero, a Spanish motion motion-picture show regarding associate degree assault on a unfortunate person transport truck — forty seven million accounts.
  • Vivo, associate degree animated unit motion-picture show with music by Lin-Manuel Miranda — forty six million accounts.
  • Over the Moon, associate degree animated motion-picture show a number of woman road to a legendary land — forty three million accounts.
  • Klaus, associate degree associate degreeimated vacation motion-picture show appointive for an honour — forty million accounts.
  • The Social perplexity, a documentary regarding social-media companies — thirty eight million accounts
  • Squared Love, a Polish rom-com motion-picture show a number of womaniser United Nations agency falls for a mannequin abode a double life — thirty one million accounts.
  • Just Another Christmas, Netflix’s initial Portuguese-language vacation motion-picture show — twenty six million accounts.
  • Space Sweepers, a South Korean space Western regarding four outcasts United Nations agency uncover a deadly robotic nipper — twenty six million accounts.
  • Wait, what’s the excellence between one issue that was most watched and one issue that was most sampled?
  • Titles which could be basically the foremost sampled, as talked regarding ahead of, area unit stratified by what variety of accounts watched not but 2 minutes of them inside the primary twenty eight days of launch. Titles which could be basically the foremost watched area unit exhibits and flicks with the most effective whole collected viewing hours of their initial twenty eight days of launch.
  • The introduction of the hour-watched information offered new context spherical Netflix’s earlier recognition figures, allowing comparisons between programming that racked up a range of watch-time versus programming that was broadly speaking sampled (or, in some instances, each.)

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Hours-watched will reveal programming that evokes basically the foremost loyalty. 3 packages gift up inside the hours-watched Prime ten list double, though none create repeat appearances inside the Prime ten most sampled: retro sci-fi assortment unknown Things; cash Heist, a Spanish-language assortment additionally cited as La Casa First State Papel; and thirteen Reasons Why, a young person assortment that’s been criticized for its depiction of suicide. each have 2 seasons that created it onto the Prime ten most watched list. Their repeat appearances inside the rankings replicate however hours-watched can be a better gauge of the enduring attraction of specific titles.

Hours-watched can even reveal the ability of some exhibits that had been each launched ahead of Netflix started sharing viewership stats, or had been launched therefore means back that Netflix just had tens of millions fewer accounts that may pattern them. As of Gregorian calendar month, the third season of unknown Things, for example, was Netflix’s No. eight preferred show by type of accounts sampling it. but by hours watched, the identical season strikes the maximum amount as No. four — and its second season, that came out once Netflix had one hundred million fewer subscribers, is its No. eleven prime gift by hours watched.

The hours-watched metric to boot comes with a caveat to take care of it thoughts: It favors films and television seasons that have longer runtimes, as long as people continue with them. At three-and-a-half-hours drawn-out, The Irish person all of a sudden looks up excessive in Netflix’s motion-picture show Prime ten list of films by hours watched, though it falls way in want of a first-rate ten rating if you happen to believe what variety of accounts sampled it.

What completely different viewership stats has Netflix series launched?

Previous to 2020, Netflix counted views otherwise. Netflix would believe one issue as “watched” whereas you nonheritable by means that of seventieth of it, each of the first episode for a group or of a movie’s whole runtime, within the primary twenty eight days of launch. Netflix says the novel two-minute threshold is further honest to all or any titles, notwithstanding their size. but it to boot means that the newer stats inflated viewership numbers by regarding third in distinction with the superannuated ones.

These area unit earlier viewership stats at a lower place the seventieth rule, for reference.

  • Stranger Things (season 3), a retro sci-fi assortment — sixty four million households.
  • Umbrella Academy (season 1), a superhero assortment — forty five million households.
  • Tall Girl, a young person rom-com film — forty one million households.
  • Sex Education (season 1), a British adolescent dramedy gift — larger than forty million households.
  • The Highwaymen, a interval crime film major Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson — larger than forty million households.
  • Secret Obsession, a movie heroic tale a number of younger married person with blackout — forty million views.
  • Our Planet, a BBC-style nature docuseries — thirty three million households.
  • Always Be My perhaps, a comedy motion-picture show with Ali Wong and Randall Park — thirty two million households.
  • Unbelievable, a true-crime miniseries regarding the victims of a serial felon, and therefore the detectives looking out him down — thirty two million accounts.
  • Useless to ME (season 1), a dramedy assortment with Christina Applegate — thirty million households.
  • Otherhood, a movie a number of band of mothers visiting their grownup sons abruptly — twenty nine million households.
  • When They See North American country, a buzzy restricted assortment from creator Ava DuVernay regarding the green five case — twenty five million households.
  • Bodyguard (season 1), a BBC-World Productions assortment that beforehand airy inside the united kingdom — twenty three million member households.
  • Fyre: the most effective Get along That By no means that Occurred, a documentary motion-picture show regarding the Fyre Fest debacle — larger than twenty million properties.
  • Élite (season 1), a Spanish-language high-school cleansing soap assortment — larger than twenty million member households.
  • Child (season 1), associate degree Italian adolescent drama assortment — larger than ten million properties.
  • The shielded (season 1), Netflix’s initial Turkish distinctive assortment — larger than ten million households.


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