No Films, No Ads, But Still Living A Royal Life! Here Is Rekha’s Source Of Income!

Rekha has done about 180 movies in her career of almost four decades. One of the finest actresses of the Indian cinema. she made her debut with the film ‘Sawan Bhadon’ back in 1970. A legend, Rekha still has the appearances that make even the young actresses glorify her beauty. More recently, she has been seen only in award shows and other events and hasn’t done any movie after ‘Shamitabh’, which released in 2015. There was a time when Rekha used to do 5 to 6, or sometimes even 8 films in a year, but in the last decade, she was seen in only 1 or 2 films per year.

This makes a lot of people wonder how she is able to maintain an extravagant lifestyle, considering the fact that she does not have any significant income from film projects. If not films, then what is Rekha’s source of income? But the reduction in a number of films being done by Rekha hasn’t had any noticeable impact on her lifestyle. She still lives as lavishly as she used to back in 70’s or ’80s. So while other actresses of Bollywood spend a fortune on their clothes, Rekha does not need to do that. Moreover, most of the designer sarees she wears are gifted and some are from her old collection.

Rekha’s staff has been with her for years. Her secretary Farzana follows her wherever she goes and apart from that, Rekha does not spend much on her entourage. As it is said, “a penny saved is a penny earned”, these savings of Rekha also play a great role in helping her with her expenses. It is also believed that Rekha isn’t spendthrift despite being a celebrity. She believes in middle-class Indian values and hence does not spend her money on buying the latest luxury cars or going on expensive holidays in foreign countries which many other actresses do.


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