warning signs that an earthquake is coming?

If you are an Android smartphone user then google has good news for you! Actually, google is working on such technology, in which your smartphone will work as an Earthquake detector! That is, you will get to know about it before it comes!

Google added earthquake ear-lid system in California on Tuesday! The company says that this will work on the basis of Android smartphone compressor detector! The shake-alert ‘per-warning system’ applied on the West Coast by the American Geological Survey and Partners will alert the endowed phone!

According to the website of the Shake-Alert system, the Shake-Alert is used statewide to trigger warning messages, referring to earthquake onset and jerk!

Used indoors to search for information

Mark Steriti’s, the lead software engineer, said in a blog, “We have tried to use Android smartphones while searching for biochemistry information!” Also, if you need it, you can also warn your caribio for a few seconds in terms of safety.”

Google also invited all the people with android smartphones from anywhere, so that their handsets could become part of the rudderless network to detect earthquakes.

This is how the alert Android smart Smartphones are equipped with small accelerators on the monitor, which are powered! According to Sogeti’s, such smartphones can catch the shock caused by earthquake! He said that your android smartphone can be a mini isomerism, connecting millions of other android phones to build the world’s largest earth detecting network!phone works.

The phone will be sent to the data center.

According to Google, an android smartphone that detects movement can automatically send a signal to the data center, where the computer quickly detects the movement of the earth and its location, and determines what is going on. is?

Earthquake alerts are starting in California, as the state has an extensive geothermal network! Alerts are expected to fail at other locations during the coming years, as the phone-best detection network is established!

100-Year Fastest Earthquake Shock in Carolina

In the middle of this, North Carolina had a magnitude of 5.1 on Sunday morning at seven o’clock. So, this is the first time in more than a year when such a sharp shock of earthquake has come here! The National Weather Service in Greenville reported that a small setback came just hours before this setback! This damaged some buildings in Sparta and caused cracks in the roads!

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